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White Beach, Tondol, Anda, Pangasinan, Philippines | Summer 2014

Silhouette jump shot

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I`m Going Crazy - 세븐
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I’m back!


it’s been a while since i last posted something personal.. or let me say, nonsense. hahaha!

Yay for reaching 80 followers! thank you thank you! really!!!

even though my blog is a mess, i’m glad that some people still visit and follow me on this.. ^^v i’m sorry for not updating and posting quality stuffs..

recently, i just got back from a 5-day vacation in our province, Pangasinan with my relatives.

Tomorrow, i’ll be really back in our home. so expect posts on the next days. ;)

New followers, thank you~ ^_^

Hope you won’t leave and unfollow too soon and anticipate my incoming posts! <3

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Walking on the beach and watching the sunset is indeed my favorite thing to do during vacation. :) #itsmorefuninthePhilippines #Pangasinan #sunset #beach #vacation (at Anda, Pangasinan)
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with my Korean teacher&#8217;s grand daughters during our 1st Christmas party way back in 2011. I miss them!
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爱 (ài)
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Arranging my stuffs and then i saw these… ahhhh wanna go back!!!

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131008 이정 LEE JUNG
More pics
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131008 이정 LEE JUNG
More pics
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131007 4MINUTE @ Star Golden Bell recording

700th Episode of Star Golden Bell recording
October 7, 2013

4MINUTE performed Hot Issue and What’s Your Name.

Pics | Hot Issue Fancam

After their performance of Hot Issue, we were asked to put down our cameras, not to take pictures/videos and just enjoy the performance. (That’s why i only have few photos of them. and the photos i took were not that great. T_T)

They have all become thinner compared to when i first saw them here in Philippines :/ Leader’s legs have bruises and red marks too. :( But they are all pretty~ it’s just that they are soooooo skinnyyyyy..

After they perform, they left the set immediately.

Please do not edit. and if you’re going to take these photos out/repost, please do credit @onelostseoul. Thank you.

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12/26/2012 Meeting A.CIAN

It’s our 2nd Korean class Christmas party! yey!
I didn’t actually expect that A.CIAN will be here too! :”>

So happy i got a chance to meet, greet & interact with them before, during & after they perform. really! oh my gosh! :”> haha! they’re all so kind, approachable, nice, and cute! asdfghjkl!

While they were waiting to be called on stage, i met them already. I first talked to Chan Hee oppa because he was the first one i recognized.

Me: oh! Annyeonghaseyo! *bow*
A.cian: Annyeonghaseyo~
Me (to Chan Hee): Chan Hee oppa! :”>
Chan Hee: oh! (amazed because i know him kkk!)

then i introduced my self to him and he shook my hands! asdfghjkl! while i was talking with Chan Hee oppa, other members were practicing their moves, stylists noona were also taking care of their outfits & hair. ;)

Seul Gi oppa is so freakin’ handsome & manly! super! swear! omg! :”> really a leader! ♥ He’s so taaaall! haha!

Se Hee is such a dork! lol. he’s so kind. kkk! i asked him if it’s okay to take a selca with him & he agreed right away! He also introduced us the other members ahaha! altho i already know them. ^^ hoho! second selca was with Chan Hee. 

Me: Oppa! can we take a picture? ^_^
Chan Hee: *pose*
Me: Can you speak english? kk
Chan Hee: ah~ just a little.. *with actions, so cute!*
Me; ohh~ how about the other members?
Chan Hee: hmm.. just the same. kkkk!
Me: how’s Philippines?
Chan Hee: uhh.. huh? *confused look*
Me: you like Philippines? (in asked him in Korean)
Chan Hee: aaah! ye! nomu johahaeyo! you? you like Korea? (he asked me in Korean)
Me: oh ne! jinjja johahaeyo! kkk i’ve been to Seoul 3 times!
Chan Hee: wah~ Seoul~ *amazed face*

HAHAHA! but i think they’re good in english because they can understand me & they speak some too!

I was shy to go to Seul Gi oppa and the other two (Crooge & Sang Hyun) at first because they were quietly standing at the corner, waiting. haha! But then, yeah, my fangirl feels! haha! I walked towards Seul Gi oppa & had a picture with him. took a picture with Sang Hyun after and they were already called on stage so i didn’t had a chance to take a selca with Crooge. :|

after their first song, they’re sweating nonstop! haha! lol so i took the opportunity to give Seul Gi oppa my hanky! i stood up from the front seat & gave it to him. He took it & used it! ASDFGHJKL! really!!! HAHA! ;’> it was very useful to him hahaha! lol. before they performed another song, he hanged it on his pants! :”> i’m so touched! asdfghjkl! and used it until the end of their showcase! :”>

In the end, i asked him to sign it & he did. Crooge oppa & SeHee oppa signed it too. ;) kk too bad Sang Hyun & Chan Hee wasn’t able to sign it because they were already off stage. :))

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More pics

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